Cheap Windows Dedicated Server

Cheap windows dedicated server list consists of many servers hosting that you can try. If you are looking for one, then you can get full information about it by finishing reading this article.

1. Liquid Web
This web-hosting server can offer the highest functionally as well as flexibility. However, it does not come in the top cheapest one. Even so, the price of it still comes in affordable cost. Therefore, taking this dedicated server will satisfy you, since it will bring big difference for your site performance as well as the experience of your visitor. This server is available not for Windows only, but also for Linux as well. By choosing this server, you will get many benefits. Some of them are the built-in backups, the CloudFlare CDN, enhanced security, SSD RAID1 storage, as well as DDoS protection. To have this server as your companion, you only need $96.75 for each month.

2. HostGator
Compared to the previous server, this one comes in lower price. You only need $76.56 for every month. This server will give you the balanced benefits of unmanaged dedicated server. It give the possibility for customers to have complete control of their hosting environment. However, it will not be the same as simply leave them by. HostGator can give you full root access as well as oversight for any server settings, accounts, as well as services. It is using a way through the cPanel and WHM control panel. This server also gives further benefit for the customers. They can have chat, call, as well as email for any time. For more information, this server completes the package with 500 GB of disk space.

3. webhostforasp
This server also has another name as its address; the cheapest dedicated server for windows. This name comes with very reasonable cause. This server can give a well support for ASP.NET, Visual Basic, MSSOL, as well as MS Access. It will be useful for you if you choose the field of gaming industry. It is also compatible for other software and hardware. For more benefit, this server also gives 5 IP addresses. Comes in the same package, you will also get managed support, four hour provisioning, monitoring around the clock, as well as data migration. Not all of them will burden you with additional setup fees. From this server, you can get up to 100TB of bandwidth. On the other hand, the disk space offered by this server is in 250 GB up to 12 TB.